Staxus – Will Sims takes every inch of his red-haired buddy’s mammoth-sized ging gang goolie! HD

Everyone wants a piece of horny red-head, Darryl Declan, and it’s not difficult to understand why. Indeed, the centrepiece of his appeal – the monster schlong that he keeps nicely tucked inside his khaki trousers – is clearly a major talking point at Scout Camp. It’s little wonder, therefore, that Will Sims is keen to grab the first opportunity to give the said ramrod a real good workout – which in the first instance is a decidedly oral affair, with Sims slurping on the oversized salami with such enthusiasm that you almost expect him to dislocate his jaw in the process! Fortunately for all concerned such a distasteful turn of events does not prove to be the end result. Instead, Sims gives a more than commendable show of adoration, which culminates in the two lads engaging in a heady display of 69-ing, before Sims gives in to the ultimate temptation when confronted by such a noteworthy phallus and plonks his ass down on Declan’s lap. One can only imagine the breathtaking mix of pleasure and discomfort that results from accommodating such an angrily engorged joystick, but given the look on Sims’ face as he slides up and down every single inch of its length it’s clear for all to see that it’s an experience that the young bottom thoroughly enjoys. So much so, in fact, that the lad soon adopts a series of wide-eyed positions to maximise the feeling in his ass – ultimately resulting in him blasting a fine wad of jizz over his own belly. But it’s Declan’s eruption – like the dick that provides it – that warrants highest acclaim, splattering Sims’ sweet, expectant face. Ah, bless!

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