Staxus – Up for the job? Oscar Roberts gets a probing interview at the end of Connor Levi’s dick! HD

No question about it, Connor Levi’s interview technique is unconventional to say the very least – how many job interviews have you ever been to where the guy asking the questions has suddenly declared that he’s got to “go for a piss”? But in fairness, Oscar Roberts is equally avant-garde in his approach, given the manner with which he positions himself naked on the desk in anticipation of Levi’s return. As Levi himself exclaims, this guy is sure as hell keen to get the job! Mind, let’s not knock the would-be flight-attendant’s flagrant in-your-face approach in all of this given that Levi immediately responds by rimming the fellow’s ass and sucking his thick, crimson cock. For in terms of gaining a sexual response this has to be one of the most successful ever adopted by one of our stars; and before long Roberts’ achievement has secured him a very generous mouthful of Levi’s knob-head, which the fellow clearly savours to the max. But it’s the no-holds-barred desktop flip-flop fuck that really serves as the highlight of this encounter – first Roberts taking every inch of Levi’s dick, before Levi adopts his more usual role of bottom and gets hammered by the newbie in an energetic, breathless explosion of rubber-free fornication. It’s all maddeningly sweaty and high-pitched, but we doubt they’ll be any complaints. Nor is anyone likely to be disappointed by the fine sprays of jizz the emanate from both boys – Roberts’ wad being of particular note as it coats Levi’s face with thick goo!

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