Staxus – Staxus Model Interview: Rudy Valentino

We all have our favorite Staxus boys, but I think we can all agree that one of the most popular amongst almost all the fans and members is Rudy Valentino. This guy is not only handsome and so well built too, he is really sexy, always horny, and totally amazing to watch on video. Rudy Valentino just oozes sex, and plenty of the guys just cannot get enough of him. So for all those Rudy Valentino fans out there, we have something very special for you in this video! We took some time out while we were filming a scene recently to ask Rudy about what turns him on, his experiences, relationships and more. It is a great little interview with the ever-horny Rudy stroking his hard uncut cock all the way through, laying back and playing with himself as he shares lots of little details about himself. Foreskin fans will love seeing all the cock play as he fingers his hood in this one too. You might find it difficult to stay focused though. Even though it is just him, there is a lot to pay attention to! First of all, he is so handsome and looking into his eyes is pretty hot in itself. Then he is playing with his hard uncut cock and balls all the way through too. And then we have all the sexy chat about how he likes to suck cock, jerking off and how many times he cums a day!

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