Staxus – Kai Alexander gets bundled into a raw spit-roast by a pair of donkey-Hung red-heads! HD

For those of you with a fetish with lads with red hair – and we know for a fact that you’re out there – the coupling of Ivan Thundero and Lewis Taylor is going to come as a terrific boon. All too often the delicate appeal of the ginger gene is overlooked, but all that is ancient history when these two meet in the changing room of the local sports club where they work. These two copper-headed beauties are soon at it like a couple of alley-cats in season – their antics only to be abruptly interrupted by the unexpected arrival of their boss, Kai Alexander, who’s clearly at a loss as to where the pair have disappeared to. Don’t worry though. The said interruption lasts all of about three seconds – if that! – as Alexander is bundled down onto his knees and ignominiously forced to suck on Taylor’s dick. And what a dick it is, guys. A thick, meaty ramrod that Alexander – who’s promptly termed as a “bitch” by his two assailants – gobbles down with overexcited fury. Indeed it’s clear from the very start of this threesome that Thundero and Taylor have very much hit the jackpot in this encounter; and so it proves, with the two red-heads having no difficulty in using Alexander as the perfect fuck-buddy. Needless to say, their manager shows no complaints when it comes to being brutally spit-roasting by the pair, taking every hardened inch from both ends before being splattered in a veritable tsunami of spunk from both directions. Working at a leisure centre – or should that be a pleasure centre? – has never looked quite so appealing as it does in this super encounter!

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