Staxus – Jonny Castle plays the field – Billy Rubens & Jonny Castle

You’d think they’d get enough exercise out on the pitch, but it seems that Billy Rubens and Jonny Castle still have plenty of energy left over to engage in a totally different kind of exercise – their insatiable libidos aided, no doubt, by the consumption of a bevy or two. Indeed, there’s enthusiasm aplenty as the two lads waste no time at all in getting out of their kits for some feverishly wild cock-sucking – first from Castle, who feasts on his buddy’s dick like it’s almost going out of fashion; then from Rubens, who can’t resist fondling his own dick as he does so. It’s a feverish kick-off to proceedings, that’s for sure; and by the time that Rubens unfurls a rubber over his knob-end both lads are hyped up for the main course of action. Once again, young Castle holds nothing back, diving straight into fifth gear as he quite literally plonks his ass down on his team-mate’s lap, taking every solid uncut inch in the process. It’s almost enough to make a grown man wince, but given by the manner with which he proceeds to ride the ramrod – his own hard dick bouncing up and down wildly in the process – it’s clear that this is a fellow who revels in deliciously wild fornication at any opportunity. And believe us, he doesn’t disappoint here, ably savouring every single thrust that Rubens can muster whilst laid out on his back, legs akimbo, on the sofa. Even this little sex-fiend can’t hold out forever, though; and it’s with a distinct air of relief that both lads finally unburden their swollen sacs of all that sweet, sticky man-juice. Fuck over, and it’s time to break open the beer!

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