Staxus – Drew Brody calls for iT help – Then fucks the life out of the responder with his mammoth dick! HD

Computers are wonderful things – until, that is, they stop working properly! Fortunately for the suited-and-booted businessman, Drew Brody, he’s got his very own IT nerd on standby in the form of Kurt Maddox for all these kind of irritating occasions. Not that Brody’s attention remains on his IT issue for long once the bespectacled assistant arrives on the back of his call for assistance. For not only has the buff, domineering black guy got a problem with his laptop, he’s also got quite a considerable issue to contend with in his pants – as Maddox very quickly discovers when he’s bundled down to the floor and invited to take a look at the burgeoning ramrod between Brody’s thighs. Of course, anyone who’s seen Brody in action before will know exactly what to expect, but even so it’s still hard not to be bowled over by the sheer enormity of the fellow’s cock as it quite literally bounces into view, almost knocking Maddox’s glasses off in the process! To his total credit, the youngster manhandles the said equipment with unquestionable relish and determination; first slurping on the mammoth dick, almost dislocating his jaw in the process, before proceeding to take every inch of the beast once Brody has given his tight little ass-hole a thorough rimming in preparation. Not that anything can really prepare you for a dick on this scale, and it’s no surprise that Maddox is soon squealing in delight in the wake of such mindless violation. It comes as some relief to the youngster, therefore, when Brody concludes by spraying a equally oversized wad all over the twink’s face!

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