Staxus – Blond bitch rides hard in the locker room HD

Most chavs up to no good would quickly do a runner if disturbed – but not so Jordan Downing. Caught red-handed going through the sports bag of platinum blond, Skylar Blu, he promptly distracts his accuser by giving him a hard smooch on the lips. Seconds later and Blu has responded by falling down to his knees to encompass Downing’s rock-hard ramrod between his lips, signalling the beginning of a hot, sweaty session of cock-sucking that’ll have you jerking in appreciation. Don’t dump a load too soon though. Blu is a notorious cock-fiend at the best of times and on this occasion he doesn’t disappoint. Indeed, he’s one young soccer player who really can’t wait to get a thick hard dick between his goalposts, and it isn’t at all long before he’s opening up his eager crack to welcome Downing’s handsome pecker. Thereafter it’s a hard session of ass-breaking toil, with Blu taking it both from behind and on top for the kind of stretching that most young lads his age can only dream of. Little wonder that Downing’s soon spurting a handsome load of jizz all over the floor; whilst Blu responds by wanking off over the chav’s smooth chest. In a word, magnificent!

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