Jawked – Simon Best – Axel Brown

Jawked – Simon Best – Axel Brown

Big boy Axel Brown gets a great surprise when he walks into the bathroom and finds his roommate Simon Best raging hard and playing with his cock in the shower. It seems Simon is one of those guys who doesn’t care if another guy sees him playing with his dick, but his Jawked buddy wants more than just a display.

To be fair, Simon doesn’t exactly put up much resistance when his muscled buddy reaches out to fondle the tempting erection, and it’s soon in his mouth.

As we all know, the first sucks are usually enough to have a guy like Simon persuaded. After gobbling that delicious dong in the bathroom Axel leads his friend to the bedroom, where his own tanned meat is soon welcoming the curious mouth of his pal.

No matter how reluctant Simon was at the start his lust for cock has been revealed. He can’t seem to stop sucking on that delicious dick, even taking a break from fucking Axel’s raw hole to get another good gobble of his stiff shaft before sliding back inside again.

Axel knows all the tricks to turn a guy like his roommate, licking his hole and riding his dick before laying back and relieving himself of his own cummy load. With Axel splashing his seed over his tanned and defined body Simon can’t hold his own climax in check, pulling his dick out of his friend’s warm ass and wanking off in Axel’s face for a thick, creamy finish.

Next time Simon is heading to the shower you can bet his roommate will be standing by and ready for more muscle boy fun.

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