Fightplace – Sweaty Sporty Sessions 1

Fightplace – Sweaty Sporty Sessions 1

In our series Sweaty Sporty Sessions we present you fights that are absolutely sweaty, very sporty, with a lot of fighting skills and great endurance. The sweat and the fights are real, hard and without mercy. Lars and Diego are the first in this series. Lars is with his 1,85 cm height and 75 kg a top athlete. On his body you will hardly find one gram of fat. Diego is smaller, more delicate and not so muscular. Nevertheless he wanted to compete and he showed in the fight that his courage was not unjustified. Unafraid and full of energy he started again after every round, no matter if lost or not. To hold out for over an hour in such a sweaty fight gives him the greatest respect. Lars was also challenged. Several times he had to try very hard to escape the grips of his opponent. But in the end there was no chance in this fight against the extremely stable guy. He brought Diego down again and again, maltreated him with ball grabs as well as other nasty holds, spanked him and made him an underdog. The fight, which began relatively harmlessly in jeans and ended naked, soon turned out to be an ordeal for the smaller Diego. Nevertheless, Diego remained steadfast, did not let himself be beaten, at least not voluntarily …

Play length approx 55 min.

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