Fightplace – Schoolboypins 20

Fightplace – Schoolboypins 20

Another increase in the Fightplace team: Handsome Diego (20) was supposed to clean outside the studio with Mika on a hot summer day. A fight between the two was not planned at that time, because Mika was actually scheduled for someone else. But when the boys got into an argument during work, there was nothing more obvious than to send the brawlers to the mats. Diego faced Mika intrepidly right from the start, although Mika is a bit bigger and more muscular than Diego. Diego felt pinch since he´s no match for the strong Mika. He got the rookie twice in a schoolboy pin in the very first round. Nevertheless Diego continued to fight energetically and went into the second round undaunted. Now Diego started to grab his opponent with a few “dirty tricks”, but the hardest attacks and the strongest resistance were of no use, he always ended up under Mika in a Schoolboypin. In the third round Mika let his opponent wriggle under him for a really long time and also reached backwards to land some ball grabs. Slowly Diego learns to get more respect for Mika. But the respect didn’t last long, because in the fourth round we see how Diego attacks again and again and even almost managed to get a grip on Mika. But only almost, because Mika was the stronger part here and no move, no matter how hard it was, helped to defeat Mika. His favourite trick is the schoolboy pin, and so he lets little Diego wriggle and despair under him. But Mika wanted to go one step further and put a gear on it. He wishes to have little Diego naked underneath him. But Diego didn’t like that at all. He defended himself with hands and feet. But it didn’t help, after a while Mika got his way and stripped his opponent completely. Diego didn’t let this attack go and gave Payback accordingly. Although now, after more than five rounds, it was already clear who would leave the room as the winner, Diego fought on doggedly. Until the bitter end he didn’t let himself be beaten but showed fighting spirit and power!

Play length approx 48 min.

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