Fightplace – Game Boys

Fightplace – Game Boys

Mika met with Boris to play with the console. The mood of the two was a bit provoked, because Boris didn’t play as Mika imagined. Mika had trained a lot at home during Corona times to keep his body fit. In his small room there were still mats and dumbbells lying around, which Boris noticed and so the boys quickly started talking about training, strength and technique. And it didn’t take quite long until the two combative boys started to fight each other. In this fight it was not made as easy for Mika as in his debut fight on Fightplace. Boris is as experienced in fighting as Mika. Both are in constant training at a martial arts school.Exactly this hardness and determination, which both combine in themselves, we get to see in this fight. Great tricks and ambition to win until the last second of every sweaty round. Similar to Underwear Attack, the pants in Game Boys 1 had to undergo a tensile test. The pants finally gave way but the wrestling continued. First in tattered pants, later naked. Hard submission-fighting and dirty tricks were not excluded here. For example, sneaker socks lying around were used to humiliate the opponent. Every free square meter of the small room was used and also the sofa served the boys as fighting area. All in all a delicacy and a must-have for friends of real underground wrestling!

Play length approx 68 min.

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