Fightplace – From Russia with love

Fightplace – From Russia with love

Russians love to fight, to compete, it’s a passion. It gets really hot when passion is combined with emotion. Vlad and Wayne, both sporty Russians, show that fighting is not just a matter of pure trial of strength. Christoph, Maxim and Vlad are sitting in the studio waiting for Wayne (21), who wants to introduce himself on Fightplace. Shyly, he looks into the room and is then called in by Christoph. After a short interview, the team decides that Vlad should compete against Wayne. First in arm wrestling, then in wrestling. Vlad can win the arm wrestling. Now it goes to the mat room for the fight and Christoph explains again how it works. An energetic fight right from the start. Vlad is the heavier and more muscular of the two, but still it is not easy for him to stand up to the new fighter. Wayne fights well, his reactions are fast and intense. As Vlad quickly realizes that it is not made easy for him, he uses more and more little nasty tricks to intimidate and control his opponent. So he grabs Wayne’s pants again and again and pulls them up. Wayne shows up however unimpressed. He fights fiercely his style and tries everything to deliver a good figure in his debut fight. This succeeds extremely well, as we think. With a little more experience he will surely become a very good fighter. Vlad will have his difficulties when it comes to a revenge. In order not to already lose rounds in this fight, Vlad becomes more and more brutal and tries with all his might to dominate his opponent. He does this with choking, wedgies and some slaps. Vlad seems to have taken a special liking to Wayne’s butt. He kneads it and also gives it some not very gentle beatings. Wayne thanks him with ball grabs. As the last rounds begin and Wayne is exhausted, the fight becomes more erotic. Maybe Vlad doesn’t fall in love with Wayne, but Wayne turns him on sexually, you can clearly feel that. After stripping him naked, he forces Wayne to perform some sexual actions. Not completely voluntarily, but somehow curious, Wayne joins in.

Play length approx 46 min.

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