Fightplace – Check the new one 9

Fightplace – Check the new one 9

Mika (24) tests the wiry lad Ramsey (25), who is new and already does a pretty hot number in his first fight at Fightplace. Combative and equipped with the necessary bite, he goes after Mika and tries to intimidate him with boxing techniques. But Mika radiates his well-known sovereignty and quickly puts the newcomer in his place. However, it is not an easy game for Mika. The somewhat larger opponent shows already in the first round that he has a lot on it and above all wants one thing: to win the fight! But the will alone is not enough, especially not if you want to defeat Mika. Mika masters the interplay of technique, condition and the necessary portion of aggressiveness. Ramsey has Mika under control a few times, but he can’t hold these positions for long. He still lacks stamina. But Ramsey has another advantage: he fights without restraint, sometimes grabs his opponent between the legs or tries to press his bulge into his face. Mika consumes his face with pain, but otherwise remains quite unimpressed by Ransey’s actions. After a few rounds the fight gets harder, but at the same time more erotic. The opponents spit at each other and do quite a bit to humiliate their opponent. Now it is Mika who presses his bump into Ramsey’s face from a schoolboy pin. When Ramsey then strips Mika’s wrestling singlet it’s over. Mika steps it up another notch and shows Ramsey where it’s at and where it goes if you tease him too hard. Ramsey has to swallow. And we do not only mean his defeat.

Play length approx 50 min.

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