CorbinFisher – DYLAN IS A GOOD BOY

CorbinFisher – DYLAN IS A GOOD BOY

We are all in for a treat with this one! Dylan’s back, he’s getting fucked, and Roman’s the one doing the fucking!

You absolutely know Roman was thrilled by the chance to get in to the action here. Roman had mentioned before that Dylan is precisely the kind of guy he likes, and it’s not hard to see why. Beyond Dylan being Roman’s type, these two also got in to some action together previously and while that was an epic episode all around, it left Roman eager for more.

Well, Roman gets more here! Roman gets to have Dylan’s handsome face bobbing up and down on his dick, gets to make out with Dylan, gets to 69 with him, gets to eat Dylan’s ass, and then Roman gets to fuck Dylan! Heck, by the time Roman’s done giving Dylan the royal treatment, I think Dylan was Roman’s newest and biggest fan. Roman is so good at what he does, and made sure this new experience was as amazing and as incredible for Dylan as it is for all of us who get to watch it!

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