CorbinFisher – Chance

CorbinFisher – Chance

Chance is indeed a looker, and I suspect you’ll get as smitten with him as we did within just a few minutes of looking at him on camera and hearing him share details about himself.
Music is a big part of Chance’s life – he loves to make music, DJ, and go to music festivals. His talents go well beyond making and mixing music, though – Chance is hot-bodied and athletic, loves to work out, and comes equipped with a remarkable physique that is well-defined and toned, while also looking so natural.

At first glance you might think Chance is a bit mischievous and somewhat of a troublemaker, and to a certain extent you’d be right! Those captivating eyes of his just have a look to them, and as Chance starts talking about his sexual exploits and turn ons we find out he does indeed have a naughty side we all want to learn more about!

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