Dylan really has established himself as one of our most popular guys, and for good reason. Yes, we all love how hot and how handsome he is. But I think what has so many CF fans loving him so much is how natural and authentic he is in any situation – his smiles (that light up the room) are so genuine and he has a fun-loving, playful attitude that leaves us all certain he’d be as fun to hang out with as he is as hot to see in action (and he most definitely is both of those things).

Dylan’s bright smiles and happy faces aren’t the only expressions that let you know precisely how he’s feeling. When he’s having sex, the looks on his face leave no doubt whatsoever he’s having a good time and enjoying what happening. That’s certainly the case as Noah sits down on Dylan’s rock-hard cock here – Dylan’s looking up at the young college stud he’s pumping his cock in and out of, while breathing deep, his mouth open as he groans and gasps, “Oh fuckkk!”.

Noah is just as smitten with Dylan as the rest of us here – his dick is totally stiff and pointing straight up to the sky while he bounces up and down on Dylan’s dick. You can tell Noah wanted to make the absolute most of this moment, and Dylan helps him do precisely that every time he speeds up his thrusts and drives his dick deeper and make Noah moan louder.

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