Boyfun – Nick Danner – David Sky

Gorgeous boys David Sky and Nick Danner make a perfect couple, everyone who sees them agrees. The boys are perfectly matched, in every way you can imagine, but especially in their love of hard young cock and penetrating bareback action. The two are getting friendly out in the sun when their lust begins to spill over, quickly encouraging them to head inside and straight to the bedroom. With t-shirts off their smooth bodies are revealed, quickly being explored by roaming hands. With the sunlight streaming through the window they ease off their shorts and reveal their bulging erections for each other to play with, a feast of hard and fresh young cock for them to share. Sweet David starts the oral fun, tasting his lover’s cock while his own engorged length pulsates and throbs. It’s such a big dick, but Nick knows how to work it with his tongue and lips, bobbing up and down on that thick tool and tasting the precum leaking from his sheathed tip. After trading their dicks and greedily gobbling each other for as much as they can endure without getting too close to unloading they’re finally ready to take it all the way. Nick hovers over his friend, easing his ass down on that thick meat and slowly filling himself up, riding his pal and bouncing up and down on that delicious dong. Taking it from behind and spooning too he strokes himself off, moaning with pleasure as his friend thrusts in and out of his aching hole, prodding his prostate and sending waves of bliss through his slim young body. Finally unable to take any more David eases his cock out of his lover and wanks off over him, splashing his naked body with cream and triggering Nick’s own climax. With their loads spent for the afternoon the two kiss once more before heading to the bathroom, where their dicks are probably quickly ready for another turn!

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