Boyfun – Jake Olsen – Matthew Sommer

Little long-haired lover boy Jake Olsen might look petite, but this boy has the immense cock of the most powerful of studly men, and young hottie Matthew Sommer is about to discover his skill at wielding that tool in this incredible BoyFun experience. All it takes is a chance meeting in the tiny elevator and before the two young men have even reached the right floor they’re making out and groping the shapes of their growing teen dicks in their pants. Thankfully the young hotties manage to make it into a bedroom before their lust for cock completely takes hold, but the moment they’re on the bed their hands are exploring once more and stripping their new friend naked. Moans of youthful pleasure escape their lips while the two begin to feast on their revealed dicks, both boys licking and sucking the precum from the other, the taste of the sweet nectar only driving them more wild with lust. Fit young Matthew can’t hardly wait to take his new friend’s swollen shaft inside him, but he doesn’t have to wait long. Laying on his side with his dick raging and glistening he feels the rounded bell end of his new buddies naked cock easing into his hole, followed by every solid inch. Jake is a skilled lover, he knows how to get his friend to the edge of bliss, fucking him in a spooning position before laying back to present his incredible dong for his new pal to ride. Mathew slides down on it, wanking his own uncut meat in his fist while his fit body flexes, his tight hole sliding up and down the invading monster cock. Finally on his back and almost ready to gush cream from his boner young Matthew gets some last deep and probing thrusts from talented Jake, his prostate being brushed and the orgasmic waves increasing. With his lover’s cum splashing over his cheek and chest young Matthew furiously wanks his own pink shaft, launching a mess of teen cream all over his tight abs. Now they both know there’s another boy in the building down to fuck, they’ll be spending a lot of time together.

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